citationThank you, you helped us to become better!
The one of our key to success is cooperation with Design2pro. We are sure that we get the best ideas and attention to details. We wish you a good lick in your business! We`ll be glad to work more in nearest future.

Aleksandra Trepova

marketing director of LTD “Office of Legal Affairs ORDO”. (translated from Russian lang.)




citationI want to thank you for the work, you have a fantastic team, we totally satisfied, all our customers were happy when they get a mock-ups. I`ve thought that your team is full of super heroes because it is not possible to such amount of work in such short terms. Thank you once again, we are really glad that we`ve chosen your company. And a great thank to David, because it was not easy to work with us. We`ve tried to study fast, and hope that you`ll be proud ))

Ekaterina Maximova

magazine “Kids” (translated from Russian lang.)




citationI`ve always face the problems with outsourcing: don`t meet terms, work at night, difficult to contact in an emergency situation and etc…And when I`ve decided to change the employee, I got the offer from  Design2Pro. Right now, I can say that they are a really professional team! All mockups were done very fast, it is easy to do any changes without long conversations and explanations (that is really important for me). I like their approach – change until the client say it really good and there is nothing to add!!! Thanks to all Design2Proteam, I`ll stay with you forever!

Angelica Tolochnaja, head

of the magazine “CITY”, Rostov-na-Dony (translated from Russian lang.)




citationWe have been working with Design2Pro for a few years. We`ve have started work with other project and then changing it to the other. It is always a pleasure to work with experts, who provide high-quality results. All my orders were done in time. Also, we are not the end user of order and some times we can’t provide a clear task, but according to all our “please make it more beautiful” and “we need VAY effect” and we get the best results! Thanks for your understanding and patience!



Vadim Elisarov, the head of newspaper

“DetroitExpress” (translated from Russian lang.)




citationI met Design2Pro guys 2 years ago – and it was my lucky day (truly). I guess the editors understand me, that finding a high-quality designer team that meets terms and deadlines is really hard. Design2Pro as an exception, I`ve changed few printed editions but stay with this guys. We have not met face to face, but even skype conversation was enough to build trustworthy relation and friendship. Thank, you are the best!

Vlad Health

Expert Media

Ekaterina Zebzeevs, ex-editor of

“VladHealth” (Vladivostok), “Expert” magazines (Thailand, Phuket) (translated from Russian lang.)




citationWe`ve send a test task and understand that guys worth to deal with. We receive 3-4 mockups, with the totally different ideas and approches that were made by different experts. Also, we were please with short terms, and the whole process starting with small changes to sending into printing. We like the high speed of work of the whole company.


Дорогое удовольствие

The Head of magazine Jana Bochkova

“Rich Joy” (translated from Russian lang.)




citationWe needed to change the designer team and make-up man and we decide to try services of Design2Pro . We`ve checked their website design2pro.eu. We were impressed with the speed of work, rich experience, quality of work and creative ideas. The outsource work doesn’t influence the quality of the work and on terms, also we see that many designers and other employee work on our projects. These guys are really experts. The work with Design2Pro solves all our problems with employees. Right now we don`t worry about vocations, sleekness, over time work. Also, they try to realize all your tech suggestions and add own creative ideas. We are satisfied with the quality of work and prepress of printed editions.


Dver v BG

Andey Le

Magazine «Door to BG», Bulgaria (translated from Russian lang.)




citationI want to say thanks to guys from Design2Pro! Right now I`ve not got any worries. I`d my own design team and they get on my nerves. Right now I have time to focus on my core business, and I know that my ideas and desires will be realized. The team is professional.


Andrei Ponomarev 

The head writer of “Professional auto park” Habarovsk (translated from Russian lang.)




citation We have been working with Design2Pro for 6 months, and think that it was an excellent choice to use their services. First, it was unusual to work with outsource team, but then we feel all the benefits. We`ve forgotten about the problems and difficulties of makeup, design and long realization. Right now we haven`t our own designer. The professional team Design2Pro solve all issues connected with our printed editions. If you want to publicize without head ache, you should contact these guys Design2Pro!


The commercial head Elena Belichenko 

of the magazine “Designing and engineering” (translated from Russian lang.)




citation From our own experience, we can say that designer in a team is unnecessary. He can get seek, be in a bad mood…and it all influence on the final result in a bad way. The work with the designer company is much easier because they care about its reputation and increase service level. You can think that out source work can cause som difficulties. But, you can be sure that is not about Design2Pro . They have a well build approach to each project. Thanks to Design2Pro we are satisfied with the style and quality of our magazine.


Wedding magazine “White Angel”(translated from Russian lang.)




citationWhen you are planning to start using outsource service, there is always a clue that it`ll not work. Using Design2Pro. services we receive the better results then can be expected. The quality of team work is brilliant. They always finish all projects in time. All problems are solved in one call or email. Due to our financial situation, it is the best decision than can be made.


“The Jewish Press”, weekly newspaper (translated from Russian lang.)




citationWe regretted that we hadn`t met Design2Pro. 8 years ago. We lost 5 years and thousand of dollars. We have been working with guys for 3 years now. And we are impressed by the professional level and high skills. They realize their promises. By the way, they all are great people.


“Apropos” weekly newspaper(translated from Russian lang.)




citation Typography Stellar Printing printed about 250 newspapers weekly. We`ve recommended Design2Pro. for our clients, and all they call as to give thanks. All files come to our typography ready for printing, that saves our time on correcting errors. Design2Pro. helps us to save our reputation.


The top manager Ken Akylin

of Stella Printing




citation Design2Pro team for us is a solution of complex production and marketing issues. We work with many printed and online projects (for such brand like Motorola) and we decide to use Design2Pro services that offers us a package of services for the fair price. The advantages of work are the following: quality of work, meet the deadlines and flex price policy. We absolutely recommend Design2Pro for our partners and suppliers.


Winncom Technologies(translated from Russian lang.)




citation“Avenue” is working with Design2Pro for 7 years (from its creation). And we can confirm that our cooperation allows “Avenu” to get a popularity and high trust among reads and advertisers. Beautiful design according to clients suggestions, high speed of work and low price are the strong points of Design2Pro reputation. These all are a guarantee of non-stop and reliable work, plus team adds own creative ideas and high management skills.


“Avenue” everyday newspaper (translated from Russian lang.)




citationThe long cooperation shows that Design2Pro team can solve issues of different complexity using creative approach combining with the time frames and high professional level.


“Underground” weekly newspaper (translated from Russian lang.)




citationThe professional skills and high quality are the most important factors for business owners. Our company can fully trust to Design2Pro . We knew that all our projects would be finished in time. Rich experience helps Design2Pro solve problems of different complexity and help us to print the newspaper of the highest quality.


“Our Texas” fortnight newspaper (translated from Russian lang.)




citationWe want to say “Thanks” to Design2Pro team for the creative and professional approach for our ad mock ups. We always sure that we get the result in time and see the high level of work. It is a pleasure to work with Design2Pro . These guys really like their job and it differs it.


“NTB-America”. Russian speaking channel (translated from Russian lang.)


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