Book layout and phone book design, page mock-up and cover development

Our priority – is a high-quality design and professional layout of your printed editions. The well-built page mock-up and book-cover need time and knowledge that we have and will use for your project. You will be pleased with the results, and you printed edition will have its own unique style!

The backdrop and prepress of authorial, recipe, children’s, and educational book

Wish to publish a book of your own poems or photo album? Want to create your family’s recipe book where recipes from several generations are collected? Finally have decided to set up a printing office?

Design2Pro will help you to realize any of these ideas. Our prepress makes studio performs design and layout for any printed publications.
Layout and design of books and other printed publications are special processes. Hereafter you can learn more about it
Depending on whether you have a prepared design and template or they have to be created from the ground up, some steps will vary or will be missing at all.

The first step is a detailed discussion of the project. We need to find out what result you want to receive and in what form it should be. It is important for us to do everything without mistakes and with the most effective timing.
Layout creation

Format. The first task is to choose the format of printed publication. It depends not only on printing price but on type, theme, target audience of your book or guide.
Color grade. Regardless of your product color grade, Design2Pro will make the work of high quality and in style.
Font design. Font determines how comfortable your book will be for readers. You should pay close attention to viable and adequate fonts choice and usage.

You can send us files in different ways. The most popular are:
  • FTP. Our safe server is used for file uploading where you use your own folder. There are no file size limits;
  • E-mail. The most e-mail services limit file size up to 25 МБ;
  • Cloud service (GoogleDrive, Box, DropBox, MEGA, Origami, Amazon S3). File sizes are limited by service resources.
and proofreading

We prepare files for printing, make a copy in low resolution, and send you via the most convenient option, so that you could check them.

If the book is confirmed, we prepare a file for printing. The prepress stage includes text preparation (deleting of needless spaces, putting hyphen instead of dashes etc.), images processing, widow lines fitting, color correction and color separation. At this stage the main task is to prepare files which meet printing office requirements and are technically correct.
Ready-made file

After that ready-made file in pdf format is being sent to you or immediately transferred to the printing office.

Schedule time
of your order depends on:

  • quantity of pages;
  • format;
  • color grade,
and other less critical conditions. Design2Pro never lets you down —
we do a good work in time!
Thanks to big staff of designers we always meet the deadlines!

The cost of our services depends on many parameters: size, color grade, task complexity, etc. Please contact us and we will calculate the price of your project together.
+1 (646) 583-12-81
(from 9:00 AM till 6.00 PM)


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