The development of the corporate brand, corporate identity, annual report, brand book, and company logo

Every company needs to be spotted and stand out from competitors. The best tool for that is corporate branding. It stands for creation of the whole complex of visual and verbal elements which reveal company activities.

Printed edition, brochure, booklets, visit card, add promo leaflets and flyers design and layout

We work with the different printed formats from with visit cards, leaflets, and flyers to brochures and booklets of differents size. We make a unique design for every product according to the client’s requirements. The successful presentation is a half way to success.
Main areas

Creation of logo

This is the main part, every company face. We will design unique and distinctive logo which will determine your style. Also, we can upgrade logo you already have.

Creation of corporate

Corporate style means unified approach to appearance, color scheme, and proportions of business documents, technical and business papers and other company products. It boosts your prestige and reputation, and establishes credibility and respect.

Annual reports

Annual reports reflect company activities, its success and growth over recent year, and specify trends. Apart from informational assignment, report is an instrument of influence on new customers, a kind of advertising of your company’s work.

Design of booklets

Booklets are most widespread and effective kind of visual advertising.

Printed products

Also, at Design2Pro you can order design and prepress of flyers, banners, postcards, envelopes, catalogues, brochures, and circulars. We create a unique design, which fully matches design specifications, customer taste, and printing office requirements. It looks harmoniously, it is easy and interesting for reading, and actual for target audience!


Schedule time
of your order depends on:

  • advertising size;
  • color grade;
  • task complexity;
  • number of pages,

and other less critical conditions. Design2Pro never lets you down – we do a good work in time!

Thanks to the large staff of designers we always meet the deadlines!


Price for our services depends on many parameters:
size, color grade, task complexity, etc. Please contact us and we will calculate the cost of your project together.

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(from 9:00 AM till 6.00 PM)


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