The best price for superior design and modern magazine mock-up

Dreaming about your own glossy magazine or wanting to publish a digest of cinema first nights? In any case, all information has a right to look good. Desing2Pro will help you in this. Moreover we will create a style which suits your magazine in subject and color.

The cover and articles layout for printed or online magazine, development of children’s and scientific magazines

We can create a design which skillfully combines its technical, aesthetic, psychological and journalistic aspects. As a result, we publish bright and unique products of high quality. We do not do the informational design – we do the design of information.
Further, we will introduce you to special aspects 
of magazine layout and design.
Depending on whether you have a prepared design and template or they have to be created from the ground up, some steps will vary or will be missing at all..

To prevent future mistakes and needless time consumption, the first step is always discussion concerning what should be included in your magazine design and what the end product should be like.

Logo. It is very important and mandatory attribute for every company and especially for a magazine. Our designers will create the unique and rememberable logo for you, so your magazine will obtain inimitable style. If you already have a logo, we can improve it.

Magazine format. So far, there are a lot of formats which are different in height and width. Obviously, it is possible to place more information on a magazine page using bigger format. However, it is essential to choose magazine format taking into account not only your desires, but also printing office resources, and most importantly, your periodical’s subject. Nowadays, the most popular formats are A4 (210х297 mm) and А5 (148х210 mm).

Printed page format. It determines the margins from page border. You have to pay close attention to space elements, the so-called “blank spots”, in order to make the information in your magazine easily perceived.

Font design. The information in a magazine is being transferred visually using illustrations and printed text. The font influences on the comfort of text information perception very much. That’s why you should take the correct choice and fonts usage seriously, so your message can reach your reader.
The system of service margins, running titles and structuring elements is used to help your reader to find necessary information and bearings in your magazine.

Modular grid creation. The blocks and cross lines system is used for set-up and alignment of the elements on the printed page.

Styles creation. Our designers and DTP specialists use the most up-to- date software for magazines layout that allows developing graphic and text objects style. This provides an opportunity to create a consistent graphic style template for the whole magazine.

You can use any way available and convenient for you to send us files. Our customers use:
  • FTP. We create a special folder on our safe server so can you upload files without any size limits;
  • E-mail. The file size is limited up to 25 Mb due to most mail server limits;
  • Cloud services (DropBox, GoogleDrive, Origami, Box, Amazon S3, MEGA). File size limit depends on features of a particular service.
Magazine layout

Header, text, images, and legends are the elements of a puzzle which our DTP specialists will put together professionally ordering printed elements on every magazine page uniformly and properly.
and proofreading

Further, we send you ready-made file (in low resolution for faster exchange) using any method convenient for you.

After you confirm that the magazine is ready, Desing2Pro prepares it for printing. Prepress includes images processing, text preparation ((putting a hyphen instead of dashes, deleting needless spaces etc.), widow lines fitting, color correction and delimitation of colors. The most important thing is to prepare technically correct file for the printing office.
Ready-made file

At the next step, we send you the ready-made pdf-file or immediately transfer it to the printing office. Apart from file for printing, Desing2Pro provides a compressed internet version of the file with suitable size and publication standards for placing on your website or sending to your clients.

The processing time
your magazine design and layout depends on:

  • quantity of pages;
  • color grade;
  • magazine format,
and others less critical conditions. We know
that it is very important to send your project to printing in time.
Desing2Pro never lets you down – we do a good work in time!
For example, our designer makes a layout of a colorful 24-page magazine within 1-2 days for the first time;
and needs a half of a day after publishing of 4-5 editions. Need faster? We will try!

A lot of parameters influence on the price magazine design and layout, such as quantity of pages, magazine format, frequency, color grade etc. However Desing2Pro considers financial capacities, country, and city where the magazine will be published. We have an individual approach to each customer. Please contact us so we can calculate how much it will cost to prepare your magazine for printing.
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