The mockup creation and computer layout of modern corporate newsletter or advertising paper

Modern society places very high demands on the information. It is not enough for a newspaper to be the source of facts and data as it was before. The information has become a product which has to be presented properly in the world, rich of various mass media. People choose one or another media product according to its exterior appearance as well. That is why design is so important for media. However, it is a big mistake to think that design is nothing more than “expensive wrapper”! Its role is special and is closely associated with the content. Good design is imperceptible.

Affordable price for contemporary design and redesign of advertising papers from design2pro.eu professionals

Design2Pro team understands this well. We can create design where its technical, aesthetic, psychological, and journalistic aspects are skillfully combined. As a result, we release high quality, bright, and unique products. We don’t make an informational design – we work with design of information.  Information – that’s where it’s at!
We invite you to discover the details of newspaper layout and design.
Depending on whether you have a prepared design and template or they have to be created from the ground up, some steps will vary or will be missing at all.

At the first stage we discuss the project with you in detail to understand what exactly and in what form you want to obtain. It will not only save your time but allow avoiding mistakes in the future.
Logo. It is the main and integral part, the face of every company and printed press in particular. We will create unique and recognizable logo which will specify the style of your newspaper. What is more, it is possible to improve the existing logo.

Format. Scores of various formats which differ in dimensional features (width and height) are used today. It is quite logical that the larger the size the more content will be placed on the page. Nevertheless, the choice of one or another format should depend on your wish, printing office resources, media traditions in your region, and, primarily, on your newspaper type (subject). For example, the most popular newspaper formats are Tabloid (230 x 480 mm), Broadsheet (375 x 600 mm), Scandinavian (400 x 570 mm).

Printed page format. In other words, it is determination of margins from page border. Remember, that white space elements – “blank spots” – are the most important for ease of information perception.

Font design. The newspaper information is visually transferred by means of printed text. Its readability depends on the font. Correct and reasonable font usage ensures that your message will reach your reader.

The system of running titles, service margins, and structuring elements helps your reader to orient himself in the newspaper and to find quickly the necessary information.

Modular grid creation. The system of cross lines and blocks arranges and aligns the elements on a printed page.

Styles creation. Modern layout software allows creating styles of text and graphic objects of the newspaper. By means of this, it is possible to create a unified template which will assign the consistent graphic style to all newspaper issues.

You can transfer files to us using any way available and convenient for you. The most widespread ones among our clients are as follows:
  • FTP. You upload files to our safe server into your own folder. No file size limits;
  • E-mail. Most mail services have file size limits (~25 Mb);
  • Cloud service (GoogleDrive, DropBox, Box, Origami, MEGA, Amazon S3). File size limits depend on service options.

Our layout designers will competently put the four puzzle elements together: text, header, images and legends, and uniformly allocate printed elements on every page.
 and proofreading

We send you the ready-made file for review (traditionally in low resolution for faster exchange) using any way convenient for you.

After you approve the whole issue, Design2Pro prepares file for printing. At this stage, we perform text preparation (deleting needless spaces, putting of hyphen instead of dashes etc.), images processing, widow lines fitting, color correction, and color separation. The main task on this stage is to make file technically correct and suitable for the printing office.
Ready-made file

Then we transfer ready-made pdf-file to you or send it directly to the printing office. Apart from printing file, Design2Pro provides web-version which has appropriate standards and measurements for publication on your site or sending to customers.

The timing
of your order depends on the following:

  • newspaper format;
  • quantity of pages;
  • color grade;
and others conditions. We realize the importance of your issue going to the printer in time. Design2Pro never lets you down – we do a good work in time!
For example, our designer makes a layout of the 16-page newspaper within 1 day for the first time and
needs a half of a day after publishing of 4-5 editions. Need faster? We will try!

Cost of layout and design services depends on many parameters: newspaper format, quantity of pages, color grade, frequency, etc. However Design2Pro takes your financial capacities, country, and city where the newspaper is issued into account. We individually approach each customer. Please contact us and we will calculate the cost of prepress for your newspaper together.
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